Website speed Booster

Your website needs proper fuel, wheel, and configuration to load in 3s. Websites that have more than 3s loading time mostly fail in SEO campaigns. So, take action on website speed before you get frustrated enough to quit.

We provide all the necessary fuel, wheel and Configuration to make your website faster and to achieve the goal of 3s.

We ensure your website gets all the items to pass the score.

1. Serve scaled images
2. Optimize images
3. Minify HTML
4. Minify CSS
5. Minify JavaScript
6. Avoid bad requests
7. Avoid landing page redirects
8. Enable compression
9. Enable Keep-Alive
10. Leverage browser caching
11. Minimize redirects
12. Minimize request size
13. Optimize the order of styles and scripts
14. Put CSS in the document head
15. Serve resources from a consistent URL
16. Specify a cache validator
17. Combine images using CSS sprites
18. Avoid CSS @import
19. Prefer asynchronous resources
20. Specify a character set early
21. Specify image dimensions
22. Avoid a character set in the meta tag
23. Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header

Mahmud Antor

I am a professional web developer and server admin. Most likely I work for fun and for my passion.